WHAT TO DO? - Bloc Hostal Fabrellas
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You will find a number of interesting attractions located close to the hostal Fabrellas.

The Saint Esteve’s Parish Church, is in romanic style from the XI-XII century, although it has been modified in several occasions. It has a basilical plant made up of three parts; the main part is covered with lightly pointed canyon turn, and both lateral with turn of section of cycle room. The ships are separated by big square pillars that sustain six big arcades of half tip. The building is finished off with a central apse and two absidiolas with small windows that illuminate the biggest altar and the presbytery in the interior. It is also necessary to mention that the steeple runs off with with square plant, on the ship lateral left in the later part.

The Roman Thermal Baths is a historical monument of national interest.

The roman thermal baths are considered a great value, for all that it represents, it is the ancient Aquae Calidae best conserved nowadays Caldes of Malavella. Very well conserved, we will find height walls, and working mechanism remains almost intact. It is an excellent example of thermal baths dedicated to health. Taking advantage of the thermal waters of the town which arise to 60º C., the Romans built a building with a central pool and different cameras surrounding it to receive curative treatments.

With 30 Km2. forest surface, we can walk into forests and enjoy the peace that this behaves. The situation of the Town and all forest in Selva’s plain allow the coexistence of mediterranean elements and center-European type that offer a not very common biological wealth.